Ticket Reports

The RSVP© Software can produce two reports for use in managing ticket distribution.

Ticket Picking Report: shows - by seat sequentially at a table, or in a row - who gets the ticket for that seat. The sample below is for a theater style event. It can include the guest’s packet number which facilitates collating with a registration packet or envelope.

Row        Seat       Packet        Attendee
             2        10082         Davenport, Michael
             4        10082         Davenport, Michael
             6        20524         Russell, Robert
             8        20524         Russell, Robert


Combined Assignment Report: This report shows guest assignments for all the events they are attending. There is another example of a 3X Combined Assigned Report in the downloadable sample set.

Attendee                                         Ceremony    Ball
Astor, Ms. Mary & Guest (Butler, Mr. L)          F:111+ 112  t: 1
Berry, Mr. Wallace                               D:114       t: 6
Brennan, Mr. Walter & Guest (Sp:)                B:6+ 8      t: 4

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