Room (Theatre Venue) View

This display shows the seats in a theatre; the stage is to the right. Seats that are occupied have a ®

while unassigned seats are noted with “[“, “\” , or a “/”, depending on the orientation of the row.

  • In the example, vertical rows are in the top of the picture.
  • The lower half is a section angled to face the stage.
  • There is diagonal aisle from the doors on the left to down to the stage.

The sample shown is from a “mock” event called “Early Oscars.” 

This display is zoomable and there are options to show the names of seat occupant as well as a picture of the occupant if one has been entered, as in the lower picture of the same theatre event

If a picture of a guest has been entered, it will be displayed when the mouse cursor is placed over the name of the occupant and the right button is held down.

If a row is double-clicked it will result in the display of the row in another display that allows editing.

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Version: 04/10/07