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This display shows a “bird’s eye” view of the table with the names of the assigned guests in their seats.  It allows the operator to control the seat assignment at the table and make changes by simply “draggin-n-dropping” the guest into the desired seat.

In addition to this geographic view, there is an option to display an alphabetical list of the assigned guests with their titles and organizations.

This display has two different color codes - “male-female”  and “mates-n-dates”. Males are blue, females are green. In the example shown “male-female” coding is applied to the names, while the “mates-n-dates” is applied to the number of the seat.  Numbers 1 and

5 are “tan” which means they are a single; 3 and 4 are together, 7 & 8 are together as are 9 & 10.  This scheme can be reversed with the click of a button which would have the “mates-n-dates” color code applied to the names and the male-female applied to the seat numbers.

To facilitate seating keynote speakers and table hosts, the seat with its back to the front of the room is underlined.

If the resource to be viewed/edited is a golf group, the display is slightly different.

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Version: 06/09/06