Table Event Products

The list of products for table events is extensive.

  • Guest List Booklet-YaaT™ Combination. This production can be so attractive that it can serve as a memento of the event.
    1. Has the guest’s name and table assignment on the outside front coverGLB-YAT402.
    2. Lists the other guests at their table on the back cover, with their
      “mates-n-date” information, their title and organization.
    3. Contains an alphabetical listing of all of the attendees with their table number.
    4. Can have a room diagram on the inside front or rear cover to help the attendees find their table.

      Production Note. Usually, the stock for the covers is preprinted (and scored for folding) by a commercial printer some time in advance of event. The content pages are printed some hours before production so

      10 page Guest List Booklet-YaaT© Combination for a 1200 person event

      that they may be reproduced, folded and collated. Each guest’s name and table information is printed on the outside of a cover sheet and then it is folded and collated with a set of content pages

  • House/Restaurant Assignment Letter.  A communication, in letter format, that tells a guest to which house or restaurant they are assigned.  The content of the letter can be customized to each location and contain information about transportation, program, etc.
  • Seating Board Data. A seating board is an alphabetical listing of the attendees with their table assignment; several may be displayed strategic choke-points. A picture of a matted and framed seating board is shown above in “3-Products”. Because they are “self-service”, seating boards simplify communicating table assignments in large events.
  • Sponsor/VIP Assignment Letter. A privileged communication to a Sponsor or VIP informing them of their table assignment and listing the names, titles and organizations of the other guests assigned to their table.
  • Table Announcement Cards. Is usually printed on with 2X or 4X postcard stock and lists all of the guests assigned to a table. One of two copies of the card are placed at each table to help the guests know a little about each other..
  • Table Host Introduction Card - “Ice Breaker Card”.  Usually printed on 4X or 2X postcard stock, it that tells a table host where they are assigned and the names, titles and organizations of the guests they are to host. Sometimes there is a room diagram printed on the back.
  • TSP-1UTCTable Patron/Sponsor Packet. The primary motive in the development of the Table Sponsor Packet was to address both the lack of information from sponsors about their attendees and their requests for information about who had been assigned to their tables.

    An important point to note about the example is that there are no names for the attendees from the sponsor.  Therefore, the packet has 4 “no-name” tickets in it. If any of these tickets are picked up, there is space to record the names of who picked up the ticket.
    In addition, there are two “VIP Reception” tickets and space to record the name of the person who might take these.

    Table Sponsor Packets have proven to be invaluable in large events with many sponsor tables for which there are few, if any, names of attendees.

  • Table Place Cards -Menu-Table Place Combination Cards. Besides being just a gracious touch, table place cards reduce or eliminate the “who-sits-where” confusion thatTPC-GR4 usually occurs when guests arrive at their table.  They are particularly helpful with implementing the seating for VIP’s and tables where “who-sits-next-to-who” is important, such as sponsor hosted tables. The RSVP© Software can produce several styles of table place cards, ranging from a simple flat card to a “White House” style menu-table place combination card. 

    A wide range of paper stocks is readily available to create table place cards.
    1.a. & 1.b. Baudville - 4 per page.
    2, 3, 4, 5: Folded Business Card stock; available from several sources.

    MTPC-GP1 with transparet area02The Menu-Table Place Combination card is an elegant form of the table place card; this products lists both the name of the person assigned to the seat and the menu for the event. If the menu is selectable is shows the menu that the guest has selected. 

    In White House style the wines are listed to the left in a slightly different font, such as a smaller and italicized.

    Production Note. To facilitate collating and placement on the tables, the RSVP© Software prints in table sequence and inserts a “start of table” separator card to indicate a break in tables.

  • Table Tents. Is a larger piece of card stock showing the name of the table sponsor or patron.
  • Walk-in Cards. Usually made from the same stock as used to create the YaaT™ Cards or the tickets, this is a blank card with the number of a table where there is an empty seat. One card is printed is every empty seat in the event.
  • Waiter’s Order Card. Designed to improve the accuracy and speed the taking of individual main course selections. this card lists each person at the table in clockwise fashion and had space to write in their selection.
  • YaaT™ Cards. The acronym for “Your are at Table...”, this card is an attractive form of ticket and communicates to the guest where they are assigned.
  1. Complete Set025th, 6th, 7th & 8th Olympic Dinners - 4x post card, white, preprinted by commercial printer.
  2. Business Week’s Latin American Summit - 10x Business Card.
  3. Business Week’s “Digital Economy” Conference - 4x Post Card.
  4. 10x Business Card, plain white and accompanying envelope.
  5. Novelty: section of paper printed to resemble dress making pattern pinned to piece of fabric.  Developed for a fashion industry awards event.
  6. Novelty: printed 4x on 8.5” by 11” section of grocery bag; created for a conference of supermarket industry executives.
  7. Novelty: assignment information and logo printed on CD label and transferred to CD.  Developed for recording company recognition event.
  8. Inside of folded business card showing room diagram.
  9. Wedding: translucent vellum over carrier card the size of a folded business card, with periwinkle bow; room diagram inside.
  10. Wedding: 6 bar’ panel folder with room diagram inside.
  11. Inside of 5 bar’ panel folder showing room diagram from an executive forum.

    Production Note. The RSVP© Software will print YaaTY™ cards in alphabetical sequence and can printed them is separated batches for different classes of guests.
  • Super-YaaT™ Card Data. In addition to the guest’s name and table assignment, this form of the YaaT™ Card also lists the other guests at the table with their titles and organizations and usually has has room diagram on the back of the card.

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