Room (Table Venue) View

This display may be shown in either the geographic mode or the tabular mode. This display shows a birds-eye view  Much of the information below is also applicable to golf events.

  • .Geographic Mode: presents a “bird’s eye” view of the venue with the location of resources and architectural features, if they have been entered.

    A table  icon has two parts, the outer color and the inner color.
    • The outer color indicates its designation, which can be changed for each event.  In the example above:
      • White - open/unassigned
      • Gold - VIP
      • Blue - sponsor hosted
      • Fuchsia - patron hosted                                                                  Room View Display
      • Black - Individual/no host
      • Green - miscellaneous
      • Red - special committee
    • The inner color indicates the availability of seats.
      • Yellow - the table has all seats available.
      • Green - has some seats available.
      • Black - no seats, all taken.
    • Placing the mouse cursor over a table icon and holding down the right mouse button, activates the “peek” feature, which is a pop-up panel showing the table name and lists the assigned guests

  • Tabular Mode: displays a list of the tables showing their name (if one has been entered),  a small icon, as described above, and the number of open seats at the table.

      There are option buttons to sort the tabular display several ways.
    • Sequential by Number (as shown in the picture immediately above).
    • Alphabetical By Table Name.
    • Unassigned Tables First - sort the unassigned tables to the top of the list.
    • Tables with empty seats - sorts tables with empty seats to the top of the list.

In either mode, double clicking on a table icon will produce the “view table” or “view resource” display.

Mouse & Arrow View Table
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Version: 06/09/06