Terminology: reports are usually printed on plain paper, printed several times during the event, intended for use by the event organizers to manage the event and not seen by the guests.

The RSVP© Software can produce more than 20 different reports, which can be printed as often as required. These reports facilitate the management of the event by providing accurate, concise, written information about the event that can be used in management reviews and to prioritize seating activities.

  • Event Reports
    • Subscription summary
    • Catering summary
    • Special Needs - Wheel Chairs or Special Dietary Requests
    • Vacancies (open seats) by resource (table, row, golf-foursome)
    • Room diagram
      • Single page
        • Letter or legal size
        • portrait or landscape depending on the room.
        • There are several options or different forms of the Room Diagram Report

          • With or without Table sponsor Names
          • VIP Table Names only
          • Table Size Exception - shows the number of seats at a table that differ from the event standard.
          • Table Allocation report - shows the designation of the table.

            The single-page room diagram is particularly useful for faxing to the facility coordinator to make sure the room is setup as needed.
      • Mosaic - (see “Mosaics”)
  • Table (or Resource) Reports: Sequential with guest names
    • Continuous
    • One per page (“The Rounds” report)
    • Sequential without guest names (i.e. “Designation Report” or “Patron/Sponsor”
      Information printed for each table can includes:
      • Table number
      • Size or size if different to standard for the event
      • Patron/sponsor host
      • Designation
      • Number of unassigned seats
  • Guest Reports
    • Alphabetized
    • by status - (e.g. wait-listed, assigned, canceled, etc.)
    • by classification - (e.g. VIP, sponsor rep, etc.)
    • full page or columnized. The “assignment-columnized” report is very useful to have at the event. The report has the option to list “mates-n-dates” of a different last name separately from the prime guest.
    • “Mates-N-Dates” - alphabetical listing of the secondary guests
    • Requests For/Requested By Report

To download samples of reports in .pdf format click on the “download” button:

Report Samples

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