One of the unique report capabilities of the RSVP© Software is ability to print a “room mosaic” for either a theatre or table event. The mosaic shows each seat in the event, who is assigned to it, and that individual’s title and organization.  These reports are called “mosaics” because creating the a layout of the entire venue normally requires gluing or taping together pages that are printed individually.

Room mosaics are particularly useful for management reviews and as a reference for the layout of a room. Because they take time to create they do not lend themselves to being printed every day.

Several mosaics for different events.  Depending on the venue, mosaics can be several feet in each dimension.

In addition to the individual seats, the mosaics can show other features such as stages, stairs, podiums, doors, etc.

 Mosaics can also be scaled down to 50% so that large rooms can be reduced to a more manageable size.

Portion of a banquet room mosaic.

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Version: 04/10/07