Last Minute Changes

When you’re running an event, it seems like every telephone call, fax and e-mail is another change.  The RSVP© Software was developed with the capability to identify last minute changes and create products just for those attendees at the last minute. 

It is best described in the scenario of an event.

  1. Some time before the event, when the software is directed to create the products that will be used for the event, it places a “print-mark” in each guest or table record that has a product created for it.
  2. If any existing record is subsequently edited (e.g. a guest is moved from one resource to another) the software removes the “print-mark.”
  3. A short time before the event, the software can be directed to create products for all of those records who are attending the event but do not have a “print-mark.”  Which result in products being created for just those records that have been changed or added since the last production run.
National Building Museum

Great Hall of the National Building Museum in Washington, DC; set for a dinner event.

The “print-mark” technique has been used in over 120 events and has proven to be very effective at managing last minute changes.

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Version: 06/09/06