Guest Record

Below is a screen shot of a guest record in a 6X event.


The 6 different events are:

    • Tuesday Golf - assigned tee-times.
    • Tuesday Dinner.
    • Wednesday Golf - Shotgun start.
    • Wednesday Dinner - “dine around” at six restaurants.
      • Abercrombies
      • The Butcher Shop
      • Charisse
      • Donkins
      • Ebbit’s Grill
      • Florida Seafood
    • Thursday Golf - Shotgun start
    • Thursday Dinner

Information about the guest is displayed on different tabs.



Status Tab has:

RSVP’d as Panel: rsvp'd_as_panel

Records how the guest RSVP’d; in this case it is with a spouse “Idabelle”. However, the guest can indicate a different accompaniment status in each sub-event.

category-comboGuest Classification/Category box displays the guests classification. For this event we have 11 categories.

Guest Priority: guest priority is used by auto-assignment algorithms and to help resolve conflicting “sit-with” requests.


A panel for each sub-event displays information about the guest’s participation and status for the sub-event.

 Tuesday’s Dinner Panel:


The guest is assigned to table #4, hosted by “Childers”.

The guest is assigned to seats 2 and 3.

The guest is attending the dinner with spouse.

The three buttons (under the name “Childers”):

  • View Table Button - results in a view of the table, row, or foursome.
  • View Venue Button - results in a view of the venue
  • View Assignments List - results in a display with all of the other guests assigned to each table, row, or foursome to which this guests is assigned.

The panel for Thursday’s golf sub-event.

Sub-event Panel Golf

The guest is assigned to Hole 9A, hosted by “Darcy.”

The guest is playing as a single.

The three buttons (under the name “Darcy”):

  • View Foursome button
  • View “Whole Field” Button
  • View Assignment Lists: (same as above)


Mouse & Arrow
Room View

Version: 06/09/06