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  • Acceptance Response Letter/Data: can be used to create a communication to the player in the form of a letter confirming the particulars of their participation - number of players, handicaps, and rental clubs needed.
  • Alpha’ Roster Enlarged for Posting: lists the players alphabetically and their hole or tee-time assignment. Printed with a sufficiently large font and point size that it can be read from several feet away.
  • Assignment Letter/Data: data to create a letter to each player informing them of their hole or tee-time assignment. The use of a letter allows other information, such as transportation, lunch, 19th hole, etc. to be included.
  • Assignment Cards: usually 4X postcard size document that shows the players name and their hole or tee-time. The back of the card can be used for other information about the outing.
  • Cart Placards: to be displayed on the cart, shows the names of the two players riding in the cart; can include the logo of the sponsor.
  • Cart Roster: lists each golf cart sequential by hole or tee-time and the names of the players riding in the cart.
  • Hole Roster Enlarged for Posting. Lists each hole or tee-time sequentially and the players in the foursome. Printed to so that it can be read from several feet away.
  • “Own Bag” Picking Report: to facilitate picking and loading of golf bags from a central storage area for transport to a golf outing.
  • Pro-Shop Check-in Roster: lists the players alphabetically with their hole or tee-time assignment, cart number and their club use - own or rental. Has a column that can be markedAll-players -25%-red02 to indicate that a player has checked-in.
  • Rentals Needed Report: communication to the golf facility arranging for the rental clubs; includes a summary by type - men’s left, men’s right, lady’s left, lady’s right - at the top of the first page.
  • Reservation Confirmation Card: this product is to be given to the player when then initially register at the conference; it confirms with the number of players signed up (single or couple) the players’ handicap, and if they have requested rental clubs, what the rental request if for: Men’s Right, Men’s Left, Lady’s Right or Lady’s Left.  The intent of the card is to reduce the number of rental clubs paid for that are not used.
  • Score Cards: can be printed on the course’s own score card stock, includes the players names, handicaps and starting hole or tee-time; can also show the pin placement number for the day, the date of the outing, and the tee-usage black, blue, white, etc.

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