Event Generic Products

Event Generic products are applicable to any kind of event and include:

  • Address Data Export. This information can used to prepare invitations or other correspondence.
  • Badge Data - a variety of badges can be printed.
  • Combined Assignment Letterdownload
    • Standard Format - lists just the resource identification, such as Table 22 or Hole 2A.
    • Executive Format - lists the resource identification and the names, titles and organizations of the other guests assigned to the resource.
  • Parking Passes. Usually printed on “door-hanger” stock so that it can be hung from the rear view mirror.
  • Registration Packets. These provide a place for collecting, checking and holding all of the materials for a single attendee. The RSVP© Software can produce packets in various sizes and complexity.  The packets can range from a simple Commercial 10 envelope all the way up toREGPK-I3 special convention portfolios

    The packet can contain:
    • Attendee Badges
    • Event/Program Information
    • Tickets
    • Receipts
    • Maps
    • Meal or Transportation Vouchers
    • Parking Passes
    • Brochures about the location, tours, etc.
    • Last minute instructions or notes

  • Requester/Requestee Data. Used to create “Request For” and “Requested By” Reports.
  • Non-RSVP’d Call Listdownload - used to create a roster of invited guests who have not RSVP’d, includes their telephone number.

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Version: 06/09/06