Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do you charge?

    Our cost quote usually has two parts: out-of-pocket expenses and professional fee. Expenses are billed on the basis of actual receipts.  The professional fee depends on a number of factors; including time onsite, number of guests, complexity of the event, number of products required, whether modifications to the software are required. The fee typically ranges from a $5 to $15 per guest with minimum fee of  $2,500 plus expenses.

  2. What are your expenses?
    • Travel and transfers.
    • Lodging.
    • Per Diem.
    • Product Stock.
    • Another expense that has should be factored in is a printer for use onsite. 

      If the client prefers, lodging and travel expenses may be charged to their master account.
  3. Do you sell the software?

    No.  However, if an organization that does an event every year in the same venue, licensing the software will be considered with some limitations on its applicability.
  4. What is the largest event you have ever done?

    4800 attendees in Washington, DC in October, 1998.
  5. Can you give an example of a 6X event?

    Luncheon, golf outing, dinner, luncheon, golf outing, dinner.
  6. Why would you need to print tickets for a dinner?

    There are two reasons, both security related. First, at some events where the access is control by the Secret Service, like if the President is attending, each attendee must have a ticket to get through the magnetrons. Secondly, if the access is controlled and tickets are “taken” at the table, it is simpler to have a ticket stub to reenter the event so attendees can go to the restroom and like.
  7. Who is “GIB”?

    GIB is short for Global Investment Brokers which is a fictitious organization that is used as the host for events from which samples can be produced.  All of the personal data from our real events falls under the provisions of “nondisclosure” agreements, so they can not be used in demonstrations nor samples. Therefore, to give realistic examples, mock events have to be created, populated and assigned.

    Almost every new variation of the RSVP© Software is tested before use. Some years ago, when the RSVP© Software was being “stress” tested, a software module was created to populate an event with fictitious guests. This module was and is used to populate many of the GIB events.

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