Editing Tools

The editing tools fall into three categories - editing guest personal information, guest/resource assignment, and venue/resource data.

  1. Guest personal information that can be edited includes:
    • All of the personal information about them, like the spelling of their name, title, organization. etc.
    • Their accompaniment. For example a guest may be bringing a spouse to a dinner, but playing golf as a single.
    • Adding, changing or deleting “Sit With”, “Golf With” and “Don’t Sit With” requests.
  2. Guest Assignment status can be changed in several ways:
    • Assigning them to a resource - table, row/seat, golf-foursome -  from another status, such as “wait-listed”,
    • Removing them from a resource, either back to the wait-list, or to canceled
    • Changing their resource assignment - moving them from one table to another.
    • Changing their assignment within the resource- moving them from one seat, position or golf-cart to another.
  3. Venue/Resource Information can be edited by:
    • Adding or deleting resources within a venue.
    • Moving a resource from one location to another.
    • Swapping two resources - with their guests. The guest records are automatically changed as well.
    • “Daisy Chain Swapping” a string of tables. For example, if there is a string of 5 tables - 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26, this method will allow 22 to be moved to 26 and all the other tables will move up one - 23 becomes 22, 24 becomes 23 and so on.
    • Rotate the seat position assignment of an entire resource with the click of a button.
    • Change seat/position assignments within a resource with “drag-n-drop” editing.
    • “Cluster Editing” of tables. This is the display of several tables at one time and then using “drag-n-drop” editing to swap the guests between tables.

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Version: 06/09/06