E-Mail Will-Call

E-Mail Will-Call is an exciting, new capability that automates the composition and e-mailing of reminders and assignment information about an event. It composes and sends these attractive e-mail messages with attachments to attendees,  all without requiring the assistance of the operator. Each message is personalized to the recipient - it is not one “canned” message sent to all recipients.

The greatest benefit is that it serves as a reminder.  As an example, in September of 2004, E-Mail
 Will-Call was used to send approximately 150 messages to special two days before the event.
   During the following day, 4 cancelations were received, two changes in accompaniment
  information, and 4 corrections of the second guest’s first name. The night of the event, out
of about 150 total special guests, there were 4 no-shows.

The other benefits of E-Mail Will-Call are: 

  • Provides attendees with event contact information (e.g., telephone number, e-mail address, web-site address)
  • Serves as a medium to transmit messages, such as “In case of inclement, umbrellas will be available at the East Door.”

E-Mail Will-Call is available in two classes, 10 types and two modes.

The two classes of E-Mails are guest/attendee and resource-patron/sponsor. The classes basically vary in where the e-mail address is extracted from. In the guest class it is taken from the guest record while in the resource-patron/sponsor class it is taken from the resource record.

There are 10 types of e-mails that may be composed and sent.

Type E-Mail




 Save the Date

(not used)



(not used)


RSVP Acknowledgment and Accompaniment Name

Reservation Confirmation


Deposit Request

Deposit Request


Deposit Ack’ & Receipt

Deposit Acknowledgment


Accompaniment Confirmation

Request for Patron/Sposor Attendee Names with Worksheet Attachment


Reminder Notice (without Table #) with Room Diagram Attachment

Confirmation of Patron/Sponsor Attendee Names with Attachment


Table Assignment w/wo Attachments of Table Round report and Room Diagram

Table Assignment with Guest Names and attachments - Table Rounds and Room Diagram


Final Payment Request

Final Payment Request


Final Payment Acknowledgment w/Receipt

Final Payment Acknowledgment w/Receipt

The two modes of operation are “batch” and “on-demand”.

  • Batch Mode: messages of a particular class and type are sent to all records that meet the criteria. For example, the software can be directed to send a confirmation message to all guest records who are “wait-listed” but have not been sent a RSVP Acknowledgment.
  • On-Demand: In this mode, a message is composed when the button is clicked.

Guest Record
E-Mail Control Panel with Activation Buttons

The button for #6 - “Accompaniment Information” is on the Accompaniment Panel of the Guest Personal Information tab of the Guest Record.

Resource Record
E-Mail Control Panel with Activation Buttons

The buttons  for billing/payment e-mails are on the “Billing” tab of the resource record display.

In both the guest and resource record, there are fields to keep track of which e-mails have been sent. If the particular e-mail has been sent, there will be an “X” in the box next to the button.

An important point to understand about E-Mail Will-Call is that not all e-mails types need to be activated for one event. The September event, referred to above, only activated two guest
e-mails and no resource e-mails; the two guest it types activated where “RSVP Acknowledgment with Accompaniment Info’” and “Reminder Notice with Room Diagram.”

One of the more powerful uses of E-Mail Will-Call is when dealing with resource (table) patrons and sponsors who are expected to provide the names of their attendees but have not.  Instead of printing out a report, calling them and faxing them the report with a requests and forms to fill out, a request e-mail with a worksheet can be composed and sent at the click of a button - within seconds!

E-Mail Will-Call Samples

If you would like to receive a E-Mail Will-Call sample, please click one of the buttons below to initiate a request e-mail to RSVP Events. If you want to see that it can be truly personalized, add a your title, organization, the name of a guest as an accompaniment, and who you would like to be seated with. Maybe have a little fun, like name your favorite actor  - George Cluny, Brad Pitt, or maybe Carmen Electra, Claire Forlani?

Guest E-Mail Will-Call Samples

RSVP Acknowledgment

Reminder Notice

Assignment with Table
 Rounds Report and Room Diagram

RSVP Acknowledgment
Reminder Notice
Guest Assignment Info'

Resource E-Mail Will-Call Samples

Reservation Confirmation
Attendee List Request
Attendee List Confirmation
Table Assignment

Reservation Confirmation

Attendee List Request with Worksheet

Attendee List Confirmation with Attachment

Assignment with Table Rounds Report
and Room Diagram

To make it easy to setup an event, RSVP Events maintains a catalog of venues for use with the RSVP© Software

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