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If you have ever been in the situation where you would like to compare how a phrase appears in several different fonts, say for an invitation, and been frustrated by how tedious it is to do it with a word processor, then you are a prime candidate for RSVP’s Fonts.

Fonts is a little software program that performs three important functions.

  1. Allows you to view a phrase in different fonts that you select.
  2. Prints a report containing samples of the fonts on your computer.
  3. Prints a report showing the different symbol fonts on your computer.

Below is an example of the “phrase view” display.



If you would like to receive a free copy of RSVP’s “Fonts”, e-mail RSVP Events:

Request 'Font-Show' Software

Advertising Disclaimer

Fonts contains information about RSVP Events and a link to this web-site.

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Version: 06/09/06