The basic RSVP© Software system has 7 displays that were designed to facilitate managing events. 

  1. Main “Kick-Off”
    • Gives the event planner a thumbnail status the event.
    • Shows guests statistics broken down by event, by status and by category.
    • Shows the resource statistics by event.
    • Show the number of guest records who are “last minute changes”.
  2. Guest Record Display
    • Shows all of the personal information about the attendee that has been entered.
    • Shows their requests and special needs.
    • Shows their assignment status; if they are assigned it identifies the resource to which they are assigned.
    • Indicates if products for this record have been printed or it is a “last minute change”.
  3. Venue View. This display can show a venue either with tables, theater seating, restaurant/homes for a dine-around, or golf foursomes. See more at “Venue View”
  4. Resource Display.  This can show either a table, row of seats in a theater or golf foursome.
  5. Assignment Helper. This is displayed when assigning a guest and shows their name, title, organization, assignment requests, where the subjects or their requests are seated and how many positions are open. It is able to locate other guests by name to facilitate honoring “sit with” requests.
  6. Resource Cluster Display.  Presents several resources simultaneously and allows drag-n-drop swapping of guests between resources.  This display is particularly useful when working with patrons/sponsors who need to “sort out” their tables because their guest list is changing. One client who had a patron heavy event called this display the “chain-saw” of seating.
  7. Guest’s Assigned Resources View. This display can only be accessed from the guest record and shows each of the resources the guest is assigned to, lists the other guests assigned to each resource and flags those guests who have been assigned together more than once. This display is only really useful in multi-x events.

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Version: 06/09/06