Corporate Events

“You don’t just get the seating right, you get the relationships as well.”
                                         Client, April 2008

Unlike social or philanthropic events, corporate events - whether it is an executive retreat, client appreciation event or executive forum - have unique requirements. Corporate events are business related, so while a “sit with request” might be nice to satisfy in an association gala, in a corporate event setting it is imperative that it be fulfilled.

Corporate events can be more successful with the RSVP© Software because:

  • The software helps to document and report all of the special requests and goes further by helping to satisfy them and report which are have not been satisfied.
  • The control of individual seat assignments at a table coupled with the use of table place cards ensures that the executive is not only assigned to the table with the contacts that were requested, but sits close to, next to or even between those requested.

    Being seated opposite a person at a “10 top” in a noisy room does not stimulate conversation much less a relationship, conversely being seated together for an hour or two may well produce the very relationship desired.
  • The software ensures that the executive not only plays golf with the business contact requested, but also rides in the same golf cart.
  • The “Not the Same” validation module can ensure that executives do not meet the same contacts over and over
  • The product templates are very easily customized for use by a specific client. For example, to create golf cart signs, the “GIB” logo can be replaced in a matter of seconds and then used for that corporation’s golf events. All of the templates can be customized so that event products for an event are “branded” to that client.

Menu-Table Place Combination Card customized with the logo of the organization and the assigned guest’s name just below the logo.


Golf Cart Placard with the same logo as above and the names of the two players in the lower right quadrant, and the name of their organization

  • The validation module reports what “Do Not Sit with” requests have been violated.

In addition to helping achieve two of the important objectives of corporate meetings - getting the right executives and clients together and projecting the corporate image - the RSVP© Software helps in one other important way - it makes the whole meeting process easier.  Meeting planners can spend more time of the arrangements and less on the mechanics of assignments.

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