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Two important issues regarding client data are disclosure and data entry.

  • Nondisclosure of Data - Priavcy Polilcy
  • RSVP Events will provide a notarized agreement for nondisclosure of client data.  This agreements typically precludes even simple disclosure of attendee data as part of a software demonstration and can cover reports and paper products used in the event. The examples shown in this web-site are fictitious, mock events because just about all of our events are covered by nondisclosure statements.

  • Data Entry

Seating Work Station for a six-day corporate event.

    There are several ways that client data can be entered - importing or using a Data Entry Module provided by RSVP Events.

    • Importing is the process of having RSVP© Software compatible read the clients source data and create guest records from it. To date, we have about 20 different import routines and are creating new ones all the time. This is the simplest and easiest from the client perspective.  In this method the original data is collected by the client in an spreadsheet or database and then provided to RSVP Events.
    • The other option is to install an RSVP© data entry module installed on the client’s computer into which the data is entered. This creates a data base that is compatible with the RSVP© Software.

Because editing continues in events even after the doors open, the RSVP© Software has a easy and very effective way to track and manage “last minute changes.

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